Selections from Recent Exhibitions

Double Take Solo Exhibition 2018 (Selection of works)

Artis gallery group show Double Take solo exhibition ARTIS Gallery 

Power Play Solo Exhibition (Selection of works)

Artis gallery group show Power Play solo exhibition ARTIS Gallery 

I am interested in figurative images which are based on sketches or candid photographs which capture a fleeting look, an attitude, and body language.


Sometimes my images are striking a pose, witnessing an event or caught up in a moment.  By grouping these individual figures, I am creating a narrative that the viewer can complete. Often the works reflect my interest in Auckland architecture.


While exploring the ideas of ‘power’, I use a celebrity image to portray the power of beauty, or the interaction of my characters to create a power play, while alluding to the vital force of electricity.

Hot Lines Solo Exhibition (Selection of works)

Artis gallery group show Hot Lines solo exhibition ARTIS Gallery 

Paintings and stainless steel sculptures were presented in this new series of works by Dunsheath. The paintings give the impression of photographic negatives and the figures within are depicted in urban landscapes that hint of Auckland in a past era.


With the chemistry between her characters and their modes of communication, the artist creates a narrative for the viewer to complete.

Naturally Urbane Solo Exhibition (Selection of works)

Artis gallery group show Naturally Urbane in which Dunsheath had four paintings in the ‘Orangeing of Auckland’ series.

Dunsheath’s work is a wry comment on Auckland's current urban landscape. The 'orangeing' of Auckland - the change and repair, the cost and final effect. We would all like shares in the capital of the 'road cone company' - they multiply daily and have become part of our urban landscape. They are a poor relative to the city's seventy volcanic cones. The scenes are set with early architecture, which are rearranged to suit the composition. Human interaction and body language is observed, creating tension and a narrative for the viewer to complete.

Contxt Solo Exhibition  (Selection of works)
Anah Dunsheath’s solo exhibiiton, Contxt, exhibits souped up, high glam and sexy works.
Blending realism with surrealism, the flashy with the understated, Dunsheath’s shimmering, theatrical works utilise minimal forms with maximum impact in spartan deserted settings….

Cars take on animal-like power and aggression, while protagonists fade in and out of existence on the forecourt of a universal icon in the service station; as good a place as any to look at social relations between the sexes.

The marketing of cars has long been associated with power and sex. Dunsheath playfully brings these two aspects together in what seem like advertising stills for a sexy new product…

Contxt reflects Dunsheath’s interest in modern trends such as popular ‘texting’ culture uniting its many aspects in a quirky, singular and playful way…

Fuel Solo Exhibition (Selection of works)

People interaction, subsequent body language and Auckland architecture again feature strongly in Dunsheath's exhibition FUEL. The narratives created here are  played out in the everyday location of the petrol station forecourt, a frequently visited common place that most are familiar with on a weekly basis.  Fascinated by the new - look service stations, their wacky architecture, their vast concrete spaces, the advertising signage and the loud  hard-edged colour combinations, the artist  comments that this destination encapsulates in miniature the worst of how we operate as consumers.

The vendors of premium car care products to enhance vehicle performance, contrast with vendors of highly coloured salt and sugar laden packets and bottles that many have come to recognise as genuine sustenance! The customers know that if they use the wrong oil or petrol mixture in their vehicle, they will grind to a halt or a least damage vehicle performance. So labels are studied and advice is sought.  But no such thought is given to the content or value of the human consumables also available in these same establishments.

Moving Pictures (Selection of works)​

This body of work from Dunsheath's earlier exhibitions consisted of wall hung painted images on formed boards effectively receding and advancing in three-dimensions to enhance perspectives.

The dialogue between the painted surface and the physical planes of the work creates a dynamic relationship between the viewer and the piece.

"Anah Dunsheath's fascinating 3D moving paintings continue to intrigue and capture both the artist and viewer alike. They engage the mind, and demand and instant response and the attention of the observer. "


Other paintings (Selection of works)

"When I first saw Anah Dunsheath's work, I was immediately attracted to the clean lines and clear contrasts, but it was the precision and the detail that drew my eyes into her work. She has a highly original way of interpreting perspective which, although it may sound strange being attached to an inanimate object. I can best describe as 'intelligent'.

Of all the pieces of art that I have in my home, both painting and sculpture, Anah's work invariably draws the most comment from young and old alike, with comments like 'awesome' or ' amazing' right through to 'How on earth does she do that?" You can tell that Anah is a perfectionist simply from her style. I love Anah's paintings. If you measure the value of art by the pleasure it gives the observer, Anah's work is the best art investment I have ever made." - Michelle Boag

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